FINALLY! A new modern dog house Modern Slot Dog House

9 07 2014
Modern Slot Dog House by Wright4design

Modern Slot Dog House by Wright4design

As many of you know, my Savannah Cabannah has been out for years.  I have always wanted to and planned to continue new designs of modern dog houses for others to build.  The time has finally come.  I now have a version 2.0 that I named the “Modern Slot Dog House.”

This design is simple, offering protection from the elements as well as shade and ventilation for your furry friend.

I sell these plans through my online Etsy store:

I am really excited that I finally produced a follow up to my very popular Savannah Cabannah Modern Dog House which is also available online through my Etsy store.

Please let me know if you’d like to purchase and or comment if you’d like me to custom design version 3.0.




2013 Summer Special only $4.95 FREE Digital Delivery

22 07 2013
Savannah Cabannah 2013

Savannah Cabannah 2013

Purchase at: on

***PRICE DROP 50% NOW ONLY $4.95***


Plans to build a beautiful dog house.
Please request plans to be emailed or sent to you in the mail.

I have updated my design to accommodate every dog breed. I have 4 different sizes.

Dimensions: 5′-0″ x 3′-0″ Large size

I will send you my copyrighted high quality PDFs files and JPEG files with 100% accurate dimensions through your email for FREE. Or, I can print them on 8.5″x11″ and ship them to you within the United States and anywhere else, see shipping below.

All of these are very accommodating doghouses. I made this dog house for my 4 year old Australian Shepherd, Savannah who weighs 65 pounds [Large size].

I have a blog with all of this information on it:

I drew these plans up on my computer using a program called “SketchUp.” I put the work into them and just wanted to sell them and share my work.

It cost me about $80 total when all finished. Price included: wood, box of screws and corrugated metal. My money saving secret in building this was to go to Home Depot, Lowe’s or Menard’s. Find the scrap wood department and lay out your pieces on the floor. [Bring a tape measure and marker] Mark the cut lines, number the pieces [as I have drawn up in my drawings] and they will cut the wood right there for you. When finished, you just take the individually numbers pieces home and screw them together.

Using scrap wood or wood you have in your wood shop, saves LOTS of money!! This is a very quick and easy project and your dog will love you for it. This secret, saves you the mess and setup of your own, the improvement store will do it for you.

Each Dog House has drawings including:

Cover Sheet: Titled “Savannah Cabannah”
Page 1: Accurately numbered and dimensioned 2×4’s
Page 2: Accurately dimensioned 1/4″ plywood sheets [3 in total]
Page 3: Accurately dimensioned corrugated metal
Page 4: Complete layout of all materials needed to construction dog house
Page 5: Completely numbered construction sheet [Comparative to LEGO building instructions]
Page 6: Construction sheet [Comparative to LEGO building instructions]
Page 7: Construction sheet [Comparative to LEGO building instructions]
Page 8: Front and side elevation with dimension for final construction

I would love to hear back from those who have used my plans to build their doghouses. I will make a gallery once I receive your pictures. Please also leave feedback to let others know how our interaction went.

Please specify which you prefer, PDFs, JPEGs or actual printed 8.5″x11″ pages.

Thanks for looking.

Savannah Cabannah Deal featured on Yelp 1/2 price!

18 08 2011

People love the Savannah Cabannah on YELP!

The wonderful world of yelp, how I love thee.

Write a review about my custom dog house on YELP! if you’ve already made a purchased.

Also, take advantage of my 1/2 price deal for a limited time.

Savannah Cabannah on Yelp at

Summer 2011

20 05 2011

It has been awhile since I posted an update.

I am staying busy with selling plans and answering building questions for those who have purchased my dog house design.

If you’ve been looking to building a great dog house this summer, you’ve come to the right place.

Take a look at my blog, scroll through the pictures and send me any questions you might have.

Have a great summer!

For Sale on Etsy

11 10 2010

As always, my dog house has been sold and featured on Click on the image to purchase.

Etsy Savannah Cabannah

Colorado or Denver customers

13 06 2010

For customers in Colorado mostly in the Denver area.

I have 3 very good options for you to choose from:

Option 1: Plans for sale for $20.00. Buy my plans and then you buy the materials and build it yourself. You measure out all of the pieces. Simple for you to put together.

Option 2: I purchase all of your materials for you. I cut the wood and put it all together along with screws, nuts and bolts as a kit. All pieces will be numbered and identified for you to build. This option includes plans. Total $200.00 includes my time.

Option 3: I get all of the materials and build it for you. Options for delivery or pickup must be discussed. Total $270.00 includes my time.

If you have questions, please contact me. Below are pictures of the “kit” I put together for a recent customer:

Savannah Cabannah Kit 01
Savannah Cabannah Kit 02
Savannah Cabannah Kit 03
Savannah Cabannah Kit 04
Savannah Cabannah Kit 05

Savannah Cabannah:: 3D

7 05 2010

See the “Savannah Cabannah” from all angles. 3D rotation to get a better idea of the simplicity, a sort of virtual tour.

To purchase plans to build my “Savannah Cabannah” visit the purchase tab above.