FINALLY! A new modern dog house Modern Slot Dog House

9 07 2014
Modern Slot Dog House by Wright4design

Modern Slot Dog House by Wright4design

As many of you know, my Savannah Cabannah has been out for years.  I have always wanted to and planned to continue new designs of modern dog houses for others to build.  The time has finally come.  I now have a version 2.0 that I named the “Modern Slot Dog House.”

This design is simple, offering protection from the elements as well as shade and ventilation for your furry friend.

I sell these plans through my online Etsy store:

I am really excited that I finally produced a follow up to my very popular Savannah Cabannah Modern Dog House which is also available online through my Etsy store.

Please let me know if you’d like to purchase and or comment if you’d like me to custom design version 3.0.




Savannah Cabannah Deal featured on Yelp 1/2 price!

18 08 2011

People love the Savannah Cabannah on YELP!

The wonderful world of yelp, how I love thee.

Write a review about my custom dog house on YELP! if you’ve already made a purchased.

Also, take advantage of my 1/2 price deal for a limited time.

Savannah Cabannah on Yelp at

Colorado or Denver customers

13 06 2010

For customers in Colorado mostly in the Denver area.

I have 3 very good options for you to choose from:

Option 1: Plans for sale for $20.00. Buy my plans and then you buy the materials and build it yourself. You measure out all of the pieces. Simple for you to put together.

Option 2: I purchase all of your materials for you. I cut the wood and put it all together along with screws, nuts and bolts as a kit. All pieces will be numbered and identified for you to build. This option includes plans. Total $200.00 includes my time.

Option 3: I get all of the materials and build it for you. Options for delivery or pickup must be discussed. Total $270.00 includes my time.

If you have questions, please contact me. Below are pictures of the “kit” I put together for a recent customer:

Savannah Cabannah Kit 01
Savannah Cabannah Kit 02
Savannah Cabannah Kit 03
Savannah Cabannah Kit 04
Savannah Cabannah Kit 05

Savannah Cabannah:: 3D

7 05 2010

See the “Savannah Cabannah” from all angles. 3D rotation to get a better idea of the simplicity, a sort of virtual tour.

To purchase plans to build my “Savannah Cabannah” visit the purchase tab above.

Savannah Cabannah on Modern Echo

13 08 2009

Modern Echo invitation August 13th, 2009.

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Selling on Etsy like hot cakes!

14 07 2009


I’ve been sending plans to quite a few happy dog owners. Take a look for yourself!

Dog House Competitions?

8 05 2009

I have been looking to enter the Savannah Cabannah into a dog house design competition. I have seen a few on television, but at the time did not think to write down where they where. I found that there is a competition in Austin, TX every year that I am looking into entering that one.

Design competitions are rather difficult to locate sometimes when they are so niche specific, so I thought I would ask others if they knew of any. Anyone? When I search for dog house competitions online, I find only past events, not new competitions.

I really would enjoy finding one local…the search begins.