FINALLY! A new modern dog house Modern Slot Dog House

9 07 2014
Modern Slot Dog House by Wright4design

Modern Slot Dog House by Wright4design

As many of you know, my Savannah Cabannah has been out for years.  I have always wanted to and planned to continue new designs of modern dog houses for others to build.  The time has finally come.  I now have a version 2.0 that I named the “Modern Slot Dog House.”

This design is simple, offering protection from the elements as well as shade and ventilation for your furry friend.

I sell these plans through my online Etsy store:

I am really excited that I finally produced a follow up to my very popular Savannah Cabannah Modern Dog House which is also available online through my Etsy store.

Please let me know if you’d like to purchase and or comment if you’d like me to custom design version 3.0.