“Savannah Cabannah”
Modern Design Dog House
Plans for sale:: $20.00


Plans to build a beautiful dog house. I have 4 different sizes:: [s], [m], [L] & [xL]. Dimensions and description of each size are tabbed on the main page. This is a very practicle and sleak dog house. I made this dog house [L] for my 4 year old Australian Shepherd, Savannah who weighs 65 pounds.

I drew these plans/instructions up using a program called “SketchUp.” I put the work into them and just wanted to sell them and share my work. My dog and I have been very happy with this design.


It cost me about $80 total when all finished. Price included: wood, box of screws, corrugated metal and refreshments. My money saving secret in building this was to go to Home Depot, Lowe’s or Menard’s. Find the scrap wood department and lay out your pieces on the floor. [Bring a tape measure and marker] Mark the cut lines, number the pieces [as I have drawn up in my drawings] and they will cut the wood right there for you. When finished, you just take the individually numbers pieces home and screw them together.

Using scrap wood or wood you have in your wood shop, saves LOTS of money!! This is a very quick and easy project and your dog will love you for it. This secret, saves you the mess and setup of your own, the improvement store will do it for you.

What You Get:

I will send you my copyrighted high quality PDF files and JPEG files with 100% accurate dimensions through your email for FREE. Or, I can print them on 11″ x 17″ and ship them to you for $4.00 USD [S/H + printing costs] within the United States and $6.00 USD outside of the United States.

Drawings Included:

Nine [9] sheets total, very simple and visually graphic instructions on how to put this dog house together. A few actual sheets are shown below for example [click on them to view at full size.]

Cover Sheet: Titled “Savannah Cabannah”
Page 1: Accurately numbered and dimensioned 2×4’s
Page 2: Accurately dimensioned 1/4″ plywood sheets [3 in total]
Page 3: Accurately dimensioned corrugated metal
Page 4: Complete layout of all materials needed to construction dog house
Page 5: Completely numbered construction sheet [Comparative to LEGO building instructions]
Page 6: Construction sheet [Comparative to LEGO building instructions]
Page 7: Construction sheet [Comparative to LEGO building instructions]
Page 8: Front and side elevation with dimension for final construction
[Note: Sheet subject to change, I may update the drawings to show more accurate details as time goes on.]

How To Buy:

I accept PayPal payment sent to or visit my store at

Plans are $20.00 and will be emailed to your personal email account for FREE.


I can print them on 11″ x 17″ paper and mail them to you for $4.00 within the United States and $6.00 outside of the United States.

Please visit my online Etsy Store at to pay with PayPal and place your order online.

Please contact me for additional questions or inquires.


[Please specify which you prefer, PDFs, JPEGs or actual printed 11×17 pages. Thanks for looking.]

I am PayPal certified and will work with you if you need other payment methods.


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