New Sizes Available:: S, M, L & XL.

24 03 2009
Your breed fits to the correct dog house size.

Your breed fits to the correct dog house size.


How to Size a Dog House

One of the most important attributes of a dog house is that it be the appropriate size for your pet. I have had requests for different sizes of my “Savannah Cabannah,” so you asked and you shall receive.

I now have 3 additional sizes to accomodate any breed and size of dog. My original design is the L” = Large, being 5′-0″ x 3′-0″. This size is pretty large. This accomodates the needs and uses of larger breed dogs, but not the right size for all dogs. So, I designed the same doghouse, for 3 more sizes: S=Small, M=Medium and XL=Extra Large. I have a list of all registered dog breeds according to size, with the appropriate size of dog house required per the dogs size.

Small: 3′-0″ x 2′-0″
Medium: 4′-0″ x 2′-6″
Large: 5′-0″ x 3′-0″
Extra Large: 5′-0″ x 4′-0″

The design equation I used is recommended by the Colorado Humane Society. While there are many design equations out there, I went to my local source, being here in Denver and used the following:

Depth = dog’s length + 12″
Width = dog’s length + 18″
Height = dog’s height + 3″ (low side), height + 9″ (high side)

Size of Sleeping Area Floor Space – With each inch of your dog’s height (measured from top of shoulder to ground) allow 36 square inches of floor space. For example, a dog 12 inches tall needs 432 square inches of floor space, or a floor area of 16″ by 27″ = 432 square inches.

Height of Sleeping Area – Add 1 or 2 inches to your dog’s measurement when in a sitting position (from top of head to ground), in order to determine the ceiling height. For example, a dog 12 inches tall will have a sitting height of about 14 inches and the doghouse ceiling should be 15 or 16 inches high.

Overall Doghouse Dimensions – For example, a Dalmatian (20″ tall, sitting height 23″) doghouse should measure: sleeping area – 20″ x 36″; hall area – 12″ x 20″; ceiling height – 25″; doorways – 10″ square; roof – 36″ x 72″.

With that, please print off the following chart for you to decide what “Savannah Cabannah” is right for your dog.



Savannah Cabannah on FaceBook

25 02 2009
Savannah Cabannah on FaceBook

Savannah Cabannah on FaceBook

Savannah Cabannah on FaceBook

Savannah Cabannah on FaceBook

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